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At The Gas Zone we believe in supplying the very best kitchen appliances to our clients.

Quality brands include:

Gas appliances   Gas appliances Gas appliances




At The Gas Zone we are aware that Builders and Architects have many responsibilities towards their customers. Advising on Fireplaces, Braais, Gas appliances and Gas installations is not only time consuming, but is not necessarily in their field of expertise.

This is where The Gas Zone can be of assistance in giving expert advice on these matters, as there are so many different options as well as different regulations.

We will meet on site with the client as well as builder or architect to find the best option to meet the client’s needs as well as advise on the gas reticulation and installation requirements, particularly on Braais and fireplaces, which can be specified and small issues of air flow and extraction overlooked. By using our expertise, the handover of the project can be done smoothly and nasty surprises being avoided.

Domestic Ovens:


These ovens are precast units, casted from cast able refractory material, which can with stand heat up to 1300 degrees celcius. These ovens cater for all your entertaining needs, It is perfect to bake, braai and cook.   It is built on the original Italian design.


Gas BBQ, Wood/Charcoal BBQ/Gas & Wood BBQ:


Super Deluxe built-in gas braai:

The Super de Luxe Built-in Gas Braai range combines the quality with the convenience of gas griller.

The Super Deluxe built-in Gas Braai is deep enough for the Gas Griller to fit inside even with the doors closed.


Two models are available, namely a model 800mm which includes a 3 burner flat top gas griller and a model 1000mm which includes a 4 burner flat top gas griller.




Freestanding Braais:

Stand, 2m flue pipe, rotating cowl, full length grid, grid lifters, bottom door, ash pan, poker, spade and touch-up paint is standard issue with the whole range. Also included is a guarantee certificate and instruction manual.

The 15 year guarantee against heat damage, faulty workmanship or material, along with after sales service that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.









Super de Luxe Spit Braai:

This version comes in models 1200 and 1500.

A heavy duty spit motor spit motor box, heavy duty spit arm, ember maker, ash disposal trap and ash drawer, warming drawer, spade, top and bottom door, potjie arm, light fitting and two way switch with plug point are additional standard issue items.


fireplace fireplace

Fireplace Fireplace Fireplace


Gas Fireplace/Solid Fuel(wood) FP:


Gas Fireplace:

The SL6000, the largest gas fireplace insert from us, features a significant 79% efficiency rating. Sutable to heat areas up to 115m² comfortably, gas fireplace's impressive 7.5kW heat output makes it one of the most efficient ggas fireplaces on the market in South Africa with realistic gas flame effect.

This is a balanced flue gas fireplace that are 100% safe, as the air required for comustion is brought in from outside, whilst the by-products of combution (the flue gases etc.) are expelled directly to the outside atmosphere.

Standard function features, such as the variable speed fan, the IntelliFire ignition system and a multifunction remote control are standard, as with the SL350 and SL550 models.


Wood Fireplaces:
This amazing stove has been available on the South African market for the last 2 years. It takes cognizance of the particular requirements of the South African market, which are not the same as our European counterparts. We have no central heating as a primary source of heat.

We enjoy a principally summer climate which is leading to more and more open plan houses being built; with big volumes to heat in the winter.

We are the same as Europe and America, in demanding a heat source which is not detrimental to the environment and removes the need for us to burn our finite supply of fossil fuels for home heating.


Flued Gas Fires:
Our flued fires are designed to look as realistic as possible in terms of simulating a real coal or log fire burining. However in creating this effect they produce a fair amount of carbon monoxide/dioxide which needs to be vented up a chimney.

Generally speaking some 60% of potential heat from our flued gas fires is lost up the chimney. This is balanced with zero fume dispersion into the room. For the developer it allows them to build in a standard firevox and fit the frame and grate option selected by the house purchaser on completion of building.

Available in 700mm single sided Built In version.




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